End User Club

The EFFISEC Project is committed to strong end user participation to ensure fulfilment of technological operational needs at both land and sea border checkpoints. Towards this end, a panel of users is being set up to help precisely define user needs through interactive sessions.

Establishing User Needs

Initial work within the project is focussed on understanding the user needs and to identify shortcomings affecting the administrative bodies and end users of security checkpoints. The needs of passengers will also be gathered. More precisely, the requirements include the following:

  • establishing the need to enhance identification and detection
  • threats' analysis
  • ergonomic needs of end users including the need for mobile equipment
  • needs of the checkpoint operators concerning capacity
  • needs of the travellers including traffic flow and efficient operations
  • the overall legal framework concerning checkpoint security

Development needs will be collected from end-users, authorities, checkpoint operators, and travellers.

Towards More Efficient, Integrated Checkpoint Security

EFFISEC project work will involve obtaining the requirements and operational specifications of a fixed e-gate management system for pedestrians. Existing solutions will be enhanced through end user evaluation of ergonomics, security, and ethics.

During the four year project, four end user workshops will be held to facilitate cross exchanges between border checkpoint authorities and to progress toward specification of common and specific needs as well as industry to progress toward a consensus on the most acceptable and efficient future border checkpoint surveillance systems.


Towards the end of the project, demonstrations will be undertaken in two different locations – a land border checkpoint in cooperation with the Romanian Border Police and a second sea border checkpoint in collaboration with the Port of Lisbon. It is envisaged that each demonstration will take up to two days and will involve strong and active participation of end users, including evaluation of the demonstrations and detailing of the benefits obtained.

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